The Community Resource Directory is intended for schools, students, families, community partners, and stakeholders. The Madera Unified School District (MUSD) celebrates a robust partnership with various federal and state agencies, local community agencies, faith-based organizations and a host of local resources and specialized service programs all working together to address community needs and make relevant connections to support services that help students and families stay engaged and successful.

The Community Resource Directory shall serve as a digital hub of resources stemming from cradle to adulthood. MUSD intends to update the directory monthly to keep the information current and to benefit our constituents with current resources they can easily access on a continuum.

The information contained in the Community Resource Directory has been gathered in partnership with the Community Action Partnership of Madera County, Inc. (CAPMC). The directory has been updated and edited with extreme care and is current as of the publishing date. However, changes in services may occur. We would appreciate your suggestions or comments. For additional information in reference to adding a new resource, or updating an existing resource please contact the Department of Community Services at 416-5842 or CAPMC at 673-9173. Updates will take place on the 5th day of each month.

How to Find Your Resource

Please select the service category listed below and scroll down to see the results.